• Modern take on Lottery

    Modern take on Lottery

    The lottery as we all know it has evolved over the course of time. From the ancient Chinese emperor, who used the proceeds of the lottery to finance the wall of China, to the lottery we all know today. The application of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin in a lottery is no new feat in the online lottery business. The lottery companies are providing a wider range of opportunities for users to increase their bitcoin wealth.

  • Best ICOs List

    Top 5 Cryptocurrencies of 2017

    Cryptocurrency market is growing fast with more and more new currencies emerging every year. 2017 was a very fruitful year too, with so many exciting projects appearing that it is difficult to keep track of them all. So let us take a closer look at the five most promising newcomers of 2017 whose positions are growing fast.

  • Best ICOs List

    List of the Most Successful ICOs

    ICO stands for Initial Coin Offering, sometimes referred to as crowdsale, which can be interpreted as a mean for startups to issue their digital currencies built like Bitcoin. This fundraising method came into being in 2014, however, started to be widely and successfully used only in 2017. Only in the last year, more than  $3.5 billion was raised through ICOs.

  • Protection

    Safety and Security of Cryptocurrency Storings

    Investing in cryptocurrencies remains one of the most risky investments of the modern days. This is due to the fact that prices on cryptocurrencies have been extremely volatile and there are still no regulations governing them. However, for those who are ready to be accept these risks and would like to ensure that their savings in cryptocurrencies are safely stores, here are a few tips.

  • Mining

    Forget Bitcoin: Blockchain As The Most Promising Technology

    Cryptocurrencies of all types came into being owing to the distributed ledger technology known as Blockchain. The Blockchains are decentralized systems for recording and documenting transactions taking place with a particular digital currency. In other words, blockchain is a transaction ledger that maintains identical copies across each member computer within a network.

  • Protection

    The Biggest Thefts and Hacks of Cryptocurrencies

    Cryptocurrencies have now become one of the most popular and risky investments. The dangers connected to buying cryptocurrencies include poor security and high subjectivity of the cryptocurrency systems to risks of money thefts and hacks. When one is fully aware of the possible attacks, it becomes possible to revert them. Therefore, here are some of the greatest cryptocurrency thefts.