Modern take on Lottery

Modern take on Lottery

The lottery as we all know it has evolved over the course of time. From the ancient Chinese emperor, who used the proceeds of the lottery to finance the wall of China, to the lottery we all know today.

The application of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin in a lottery is no new feat in the online lottery business. The lottery companies are providing a wider range of opportunities for users to increase their bitcoin wealth.

Bitcoin lottery and casinos are popular among crypto enthusiasts who are looking to land a huge prize and increase their wealth overnight. If you have some crypto and feel like joining the club, then I recommend you check out this list of casinos that take Bitcoin created by reviewers over at ICOPulse to pick a decent casino to play.

The prizes won could be paid in bitcoin or fiat currency. The payment methods differ for different bitcoin lottery platforms.

How Does It Work

The bitcoin lottery platform, unlike the normal lottery, uses bitcoin as the payment to enter the lottery.

Typically, the player has to choose six random numbers, and if the numbers are lucky, then the winner gets to walk away with a considerable sum.

The probability of winning is very slim, but with luck on the player’s side, winning is still possible. A countless number of winners across various lottery platforms are the living testament to that.

Bitcoin Lottery Platforms

Spread across the digital market are different bitcoin casino. It is worth to note that the lottery platforms should be thoroughly investigated. This is to ensure and secure winnings from the player lottery.

There are several types of lottery offered by these different platforms. Examples are bingo and the traditional 80 balls keno. The players participate in whichever suits their taste.

Free Bitcoin Lottery Platforms

To further encourage and increase the chances of winning particular platforms allow free lottery entries. That is, the chance to play a number of times free of charge. This gives an opportunity to those who do not have bitcoins to participate.

Method of Payment

Typically, there is a wagering fee required to enter into the lottery. Bitcoin lottery most times require a fee to be paid in bitcoin. The higher the wager or the number of tickets bought in the lottery, the higher the chances of winning the lottery.

For the winners, the bitcoin platform typically offers to pay in bitcoin due to its security and instant payment benefits associated with cryptocurrency. Although some offer to pay with the normal fiat currency to those without blockchain wallets. The majority still prefer to go with bitcoin.

The best advice I can give you – always check which lottery platform is fair in its dealings. There are different platforms; thus the most suitable lottery platforms should be carefully sorted out. The method of payment should be confirmed, and the terms and conditions associated with these platforms should be carefully looked at.

What remains is – get lucky and win big!